Amanda (atychiphobic22) wrote,

I had a really good day today and I have tomorrow off so, I get to sleep in really late. Do you know how amazing that is? Really amazing.

I have this weekend off and I think I am going to the East Coast with Richie to see his aunt and his grandparents again. It should be fun.

I want another job when I turn 18 for more money but, I also don't want to lose Petsmart because I really like all of my co-workers now that I don't have to deal with Michelle. Agh. This sucks. I think I am still going to go to the Ritz for like 10 dollars an hour fo sho.

Everything is moving along very well, Richie and I are doing amazing I am happy with my job and have an oppurtunity to get a better one if I like, the only thing that is a little slower is the whole school thing. I need to apply to get into college as soon as I can so I can get started on the whole radiology thing.

ANyways, today was a really good day

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