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I'm 18 in 8 days and I have SO much to get accomplished in the three weeks afterwards.

First off. I am having a party =]

Today: I had a bad day at work and then the most amazing boyfriend in the enitire world gave me the greatest one year three month anniversary EVER. I love him more than I love anyone else. He is my life and I am his. We wouldn't have it any other way. I can't wait to move in with him soon =]

I'm getting closer to Jenna. I'm happy, I want to be in her life and her new babies life.


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I have three hours before I go to my cousins wedding and I am sitting at work bored.

I am feeling better than I did a couple of days ago. I feel like lately I've been thinking so negative. I need to get over the bad stuff and just move on. I need to stop worrying about the things that have happened in the past and move on to the future. I can't change what happened in the past, all I can do is try to prevent it now.

I've decided to try to be happy about every situation that I come across. I'm tired of fighting with everyone to prove a point when it really doesn't even matter. If I know the point is there and I know it's right, why do I have to convince every one else that it is there and it's right?

I've lost that REALLY close relationship with three seperate people and I would love to get it back with all of them. I just don't know if I ever can but, I am going to try. I feel like we were good friends and it was great but, they found other friends and I don't blame them. I left the friendship, I grew apart from them and I'll admit I am jealous of any one that has a friendship with those girls like we did. It's hard to lose your best friends and know that you may never be the same with them again.

But, now I have my boyfriend, I have my family and I have those few people that I can really trust with everything. I feel like I am living life without the excitement and that needs to change.

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I have a good job.
I graduated highschool.
I have a great family.
I have an AMAZING boyfriend of a year and three months.

and yet I am still unhappy. I have no clue what makes me feel this way and I have no idea how to figure it out. I have even been thinking about death a lot. It's weird. I feel like I should be really happy but, I'm not.


So, I'm in New Jersey now.

It's cold.

Um, I am back in Naples on Thursday! WOO FREGGIN HOO. Hahaha. I have to go back to work and all that dumb shit.

ANYWAY, I can't wait to get home really though because I am back in my comfort zone in home =]


Pictures when I get back in Naples promise!

I'm back.

I've spent a good five days in New York and one of the things I realized while I was here was that I need to start writing again.

So, I am and I am going to do it here again because it's easy.

Most of it will be private though BUT I will have MUCHO New York pictures soon! YAY
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Richie made me feel like the most amazing girl in the entire world last night.

I love him. He's amazing.

-Go to Fashion Fresh and apply for a job.
-Hang out with Christie and whoever comes with her lol
-Adam is coming over with a bottle and a baggy. SWEET.